Elements, Principles, and Patterns for Collective Intelligence

Evolutionary Experience Design (EXD) is a transdisciplinary design philosophy combining design science, complexity science, psychology, user-experience, narrative, business strategy, and evolutionary theory to optimize coordination within organizations, and create systems, products, and services that increase Collective Intelligence (CI).

Traditionally, User Experience (UX) is the simple philosophy that successful products are designed with specific users in mind, providing them with the best experience possible.

Evolutionary Experience Design (EXD) is a unique extension of UX that can result in higher order Collective Intelligence in evolutionary trends in culture, communications, and consciousness.  EXD matches business needs with human needs all within scope of greater social values of optimal health, well-being, personal transformation, and collective evolution.

“Collective Intelligence is any kind of large-scale intelligence that involves collectives choosing to be, think, and act together.” 

~ Geoff Mulgan

Evolutionary Experience Design (EXD) originates from first principles thinking rooted in fundamentals of evolutionary philosophy.


Organizing Principles of Collective Intelligence

“Collective Intelligence (CI) is the capacity of human collectives to engage in intellectual cooperation in order to create, innovate, and invent.” 

~ Pierre Levy

Evolutionary Experience Design

Elements, Principles, and Patterns for Collective Intelligence

by Michael Gaio

Coming in 2020